Neighbourhood problems
We know anti social behaviour can take many forms and affect people’s quality of life. We know how important it is for you to feel safe and secure in your home and community. We know that this doesn’t always happen and sometimes people don’t get on, or people suffer because of how other people behave.
We will give you honest advice about what you can do and how we can help to put a stop to neighbourhood problems.
What is Anti social behaviour?asb.JPG
It’s when someone acts in a way to cause alarm, harassment or distress to someone who isn’t part of their family or home. It is behaviour that must happen more than once, be carried out over time and be something that could be stopped. It is important to understand that we all have different lifestyle choices, and we sometimes need to accept some behaviours, even though we might not like it.
Anti social behaviour includes:
·         Excessive noise
·         Graffiti
·         Fly-tipping
·         Criminal activity
·         Intimidation and harassment
·         Vandalism
·         Threatening and abusive language
·         Racist behaviour
What can you do?
Talk to the person as they may not know they are upsetting you. You may be able to sort out personal disagreements and everyday problems just by talking about it. 
Make a note of what happens, including dates and times and let us know so we can help. Use our diary to make a note whenever nuisance or harassment happens. Download our diary please click here.
We will work with our customers, the police and other services to protect communities from anti-social behaviour and take action where we can.
We deal with unacceptable behaviour through a combination of prevention, mediation, investigation and enforcement. Where there is evidence of anti-social behaviour we will take all reasonable steps to resolve the problems identified as quickly as possible.
Click here to view our Anti Social Behaviour Policy