Insure your Home

As a Coastal Housing tenant we will insure the building that you live in but we do not insure your personal possessions such as your carpets, clothes, curtains and appliances.

It’s important that you insure your belongings, or you could face a big bill if something happens like a water leak or a fire and your possessions can’t be rescued.

If you’re not insured yet, or you’re looking for an alternative insurance provider, check out the simple and affordable policy we’ve negotiated with the National Housing Federation for Coastal Housing residents.
The policy covers your household contents and personal belongings in the event of risks such as theft, vandalism, fire, flooding and escaping water. It also covers accidental damage, freezer contents, lost or stolen keys and personal liability.
There is also the option to include extended cover for accidental damage and personal possessions, garden structures, hearing aids and wheelchairs.
Insuring your contents will give you real peace of mind and avoid painful bills or losses in the event of risks.
You can pay over a period to suit you; weekly, fortnightly or monthly with a variety of payment methods; payment card, monthly direct debit or annually by cheque or debit or credit card. Costs do depend on where you live and your age. 
Contact us to find out more information and we will be happy to send you out an information sheet and application form.


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