Coastal Housing Group announces results of its latest tenant survey
Coastal Housing has recently had the results of its latest tenant survey, which can be viewed here
We’re delighted that the citizens we serve have scored us so highly in key areas such as our repairs services, being easy to contact and deal with and seeing their rent as value for money. The survey revealed that 91% of tenants agree that Coastal provides quality services, compared to a national average of only 84%.
We know from the survey that what matters to those who responded is having friendly neighbours and living in quiet, peaceful areas, and so it’s encouraging to see that 81% of respondents view their neighbourhood as a great place to live. One in five tenants wouldn’t change anything about the neighbourhoods they live in but we are aware that better parking, cleaner streets and reduced noise pollution would make life even better for some people.
In almost all areas surveyed, our performance had improved on the previous tenant satisfaction surveys undertaken in 2014 and 2012, although we have noted a slight change in views on whether rent and service charges feel like value for money. We know times are hard for lots of tenants, both those in and out of work, so we are looking at our rent setting policy and how we can reduce service charges in the future. We want to do all we can to help people live well in the homes we provide and recognise that financial health is vital for this.
The survey response rate from tenants was 27%, which is considered good for a postal survey, and we’re grateful to every tenant who contributed. Our next step is to analyse the responses by postcode area produce a report for each of the four community housing teams that are bespoke to the areas they serve. Once the feedback is presented to them in May, each team will be tasked with engaging local communities to understand what more we can do together to achieve further improvements to their neighbourhood and lives. If you are a tenant, please call your housing officer if you want to give us more feedback about how we work or for a chat about what’s happening in your area.