Moving home?
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Whether you are transferring, carrying out a mutual exchange or leaving Coastal, there are expectations regarding the state of your home when you move out.

Here's a checklist to consider before you move:





- Give us notice to end your tenancy

- Provide us with your forwarding address and contact number

- Take Gas and Electricity meter readings and let Welsh Water know that you are moving

- Redirect your mail you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, let them know that you are moving

- Return all keys to Coastal by the tenancy end date.



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In order to get your home looking great before you move, here are some handy decorating tips!


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Which paint should I use?
Vinyl Matt Emulsion has a non-shiny finish that hides small imperfections on walls or ceilings. Viniyl Soft Sheen is more durable than Vinyl Matt and is good for areas that might need a light wash or sponge. Vinyl Silk is the most durable and is good for rooms that are more prone to condensation.