Keeping on top of your rent payments

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We know you understand the importance of paying your rent in full and on time.  We understand too that this can be difficult at times. So here are some tips for keeping on top of this priority payment:

• Pay by direct debit – Direct Debit takes the hassle out of having to remember to pay your rents – it will happen automatically as long as you have enough in your bank or  your credit union account to cover the amount

• If you don’t like the idea of Direct Debit - set an alarm reminder in your mobile phone or diarise in a calendar to remind you of when to pay your rent

• Get ahead with your rent – overpay or round up your rent payment if and when you can afford it. This will act as a cushion when you need it most.

• Consider an account with the Credit Union. This account will help you budget by dividing up your money for important payments like rent, electricity and council tax, as making those payments as soon as you get paid or receive your benefits.

• Keep on top of your benefits. If your circumstances change, make sure you tell the benefit provider straight away to avoid having any overpayments. Keep an eye on your benefit payments to make sure they’ve been received in full and on time.
If you are struggling with your rent talk to us straight away. We want to advise and support you and help you get back on track as quickly as possible.
How we can help

When we contact you about your rent, please don’t ignore us - we’re here to help you. 

We can:

• Visit you and look at your finances with you

• Offer you benefits advice and ensure you’re getting all the help you are entitled to

• Agree a realistic repayment plan if you’re behind with your rent

• Refer you to external organisations for help and advice

• Look at other ways to reduce your rent costs, options such as transferring to a smaller property