Money Matters
Energy & Money Saving Tips
Here we give you some hints and tips on how you can save £££ and cut the cost of your spending over the next few months.energysavingtrust.jpg
Contact organisations like the Energy Saving Trust ....

The Energy Saving Trust is a government back organisation that looks at all ways to help you save on your fuel bills.   You can contact them at
Call: 0800 512 012
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washingmachine.jpgBe Kinder to your laundry....     
By washing them at 30 - 40 C.  You'll save on your electricity bill if you do, as 90% of the washing machines energy is going on heating the water!     Only wash when you have a full load

Turn your thermostat down....
By as little as 1 degree Cent and you could save as much as £60 year
Put more clothes on before you turn the heating up....     
Sitting around your home in your shorts and t shirt when its freezing outside is just not sensible.
Pull your curtains as soon as it gets dark....

And help keep the heat in.
toaster.jpgBe a savvy cook....

· Use a microwave instead of turning on the oven for small portions
· Make toast in the toaster and not under the grill
· If you have an electric oven turn it off 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time and it will keep at the same temperature for this period
· Turn the heating down when you are using the oven and let its heat help warm up your home
· Think ahead and cook for more than one meal at a time and bake in batches
· Make a shopping list and stick to it
· Don’t leave the fridge door open as it increases the amount of energy used
If it's not in use - Turn it off....

Even items on charge like lap tops and phones will use energy, so get in the habit of switching off and unplugging

Compare gas and electricity charges....
There are lots of sites and companies who will do this like
Take a look at this web site....
Its full of great money advice information and can help you save on lots of things like your home phone and broad band, mobile phone and top tips for living on a low income
Walk or Cycle for free .....
Its great exercise and saves on all the transport costs
Use your local charity shop....

Its a great way to grab a bargain, its environmentally friendly, and the charity benefits

Get reading
  and get on-line for free.... 
At your local library
Turn the Tap Off when you brush your teeth....

This could save you 7 – 12 litres of water a minute!

Take a Shower instead of a Bath....
A hot shower uses 20% of the energy of a bath
Report that dripping tap....
It could save enough hot water to fill half a bath in just one week