Path to funding
We have a fund to sponsor you, your partner or family member living with you to get the next step towards work, college, university or job based training.
Priority is given if the fund will improve your chances of securing a job or better paid work.
What is it?
The fund was set up originally as a ‘Soroptimist Bursary’ in recognition of the donation of a property to Coastal Housing by the local branch of the Soroptimists. This is an international organisation for women in management and professions that strive for the advancement and status of women.
However the fund is now available to both men and women.
There is a maximum award of £350 per application which may be paid towards the cost of:
  • A nationally recognised training course
  • Exam fees
  • Books
  • Equipment
  • Travelling costs
There is an application form to complete, follow the link here:
Call Rob in our Employability and Skills Team on 01792 479226 or email
Guidance for Applicants
1.      Coastal Housing Group will consider applications that help with the next step towards work, college, university or job based training. For example the fund can be used for a nationally recognised training course, exam fees, books, equipment*, and travelling costs. (* this excludes electronic devices such as laptops, PC’s, iPads, tablets and mobile phones).
2. Applications can be made by tenants of the Group, or from their partners and children (16+ yrs old) who live with the tenant.

3. Tenancy information will be checked and the information you provide on this application will be shared with the housing management section.

4. Priority will be given to first-time applicants who seek support to enter employment, or to assist those in low paid employment to seek better paid jobs.
5.  Additional information may be requested by the adjudicating panel during the application process.
6.  There is a set budget agreed by the Board of Management each year and once the budget been exhausted, there will be no more funding until the beginning of the new financial year (1st April). 

7. The adjudicating panel can make awards up to a maximum of £350 per person per financial year.
8.  All applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision in writing.

9.  Coastal Housing staff not eligible to apply.
10.  Following a successful application, a verbal, written, or digital account will be provided to allow Coastal to demonstrate the impact of the funding.
Digital Inclusion
If you need help to get online we have a dedicated Digital Inclusion Co-ordinator, Nigel Lewis who can take you through whatever it is you are interested in. He provides help & support with digital technology including computers, tablets and smart phones. Whether you need to access the internet, set up an email account or fill in online application forms, Nigel can provide you with that support.  Just follow the link for more information -
Digital Employment Course
If you would like help to try and secure employment, the Digital Employment Course will be a great stepping stone. During the course we will cover things such as how to write a CV, setting up an email account, interview tips and much more.
Have a look at our poster by clicking here.
If you would like to attend, contact either Nigel Lewis or Rob Morgans.
Nigel: 01792 479274
Rob: 01792 479226