Keeping A Pet – Are Pets Allowed
If you want to keep a pet you must ask us first.
- Pets are not always suitable for some homes.  
- We know that pets are great companions and friends.
-To be a good pet owner you need to make sure they are properly looked after and controlled
- If the pet you want is not going to cause a problem to your neighbours, such as a goldfish, then we would normally give permission.
- If it is a cat or dog, and could cause a problem for neighbours, then the type of home you live in will impact our decision on whether to give you permission.
- We may decide not to let you keep a pet in your home becauseYou have shared communal areas like entrances, stairs and landings

- The animal is classed as a dangerous breed e.g. pit bull terrier

We will also consider things like:
- Your ability to manage your tenancy 
- How you are likely to care for the animal
- We will need assurances too that you will 
- Care well for the pet
- Make sure it is micro-chipped
- Ensure it is neutered or spayed to prevent it having any young e.g. puppies and kittens
- We will also need to know the size and location of any kennels, pet runs or aquariums.​
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