Coastal's new Horizon fund helps people change Swansea for the better - Coastal Housing Group

Swansea-based Coastal Housing has announced a new £10K fund to support community projects in the city and county.

Its new Horizon fund is part of the successful CrowdfundSwansea partnership between Swansea Council and Spacehive – a platform that helps people raise funds for initiatives that will benefit society.

‘Anyone crowdfunding through CrowdfundSwansea can already pitch for pledges of up to £5K from the council’s fund’ explains Coastal Chief Executive Debbie Green.

‘Our Horizon fund offers pledges of up to £1K for projects that we think will particularly benefit areas where we work or that meet Coastal’s values and aims. ‘Whilst the ethos of crowdfunding is collective action by individuals, we hope that our fund – and the council’s – will help boost fundraising efforts and mean more projects are successfully funded. We want and need more change in our communities, driven by the passion and expertise of local people.’

Misha Dhanak, CEO of Spacehive, said: “Hearing ideas directly from residents as they reimagine their local areas with the support of their community is incredibly inspiring. Spacehive is proud to work in partnership with Swansea Council and we welcome the new Horizon Fund put forward by Coastal Housing as part of Crowdfund Swansea. Together we can help local people bring their ambitious ideas to life.”

You can see the projects currently seeking support in CrowdfundSwansea’s Spring funding round at

For more information on how to enter a project into the Autumn funding round, contact

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