You need to register to vote to take part in the elections. You can do this on the Electoral Commission Website. The deadline to register to vote for in general election is 11:59 pm on Tuesday 18 June.

Did you know you need photo ID to vote?

To be allowed to vote, voters need to show photo ID. These can include:

  • a UK Driving Licence.
  • a UK Passport.
  • an Older Person’s or Disabled Person’s Bus Pass (that is funded by the UK Government).

If you do not have a photo ID, you can get a free Voter Authority Certificate to use as ID when you vote.

You can find more information about voter ID, applying for a Voter Authority Certificate, and a full lst of all accepted types of photo ID on the Electoral Commission Website.

Voting gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard and tell the government how you would like the country to be run. The MP’s you help to elect will be responsible for making decisions on things including, Education, the NHS, the environment and housing. Voting enables you to help decide who represents your local area in parliament. MPs aren’t just responsible for national policy.

If you want to vote, but do not want to go to the polling station, you can also:
  • Vote by post, you must apply to this by 5 pm on Wednesday 19 June, you can do this here.
  • Vote by proxy, you must apply to this by 5 pm Wednesday 26 June, you can do this here.

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