Take a look at our latest reports to see where we are now in terms of performance, what we plan to do over the next few years and why.


Annual Report

Financial Results
The Welsh Government looks at our financial viability and produces a report on an annual basis.


Our Performance
Our vision is to provide homes that enable our tenants to thrive and the communities we serve to prosper
We monitor our performance and continually look for ways to improve to provide excellent services in line with that vision.

To see how we have done in our last tenant satisfaction (2012) survey, and the recent Housing Partners (2014) survey click here 
Our Corporate Plan

Coastal has been working with tenants, stakeholders and staff to develop a clear plan. In 2014 we wrote a short consultation document, to see this please use the download link below.
We are now launching our corporate plan for 2015 to 2020 based on the feedback we have received, to see our new plan please use the download link below:
If you want to make any comments on our plan please let us know by mailing ask@coastalha.co.uk

Self Assessment
The Welsh Government asks us to complete an-assessment exercise of how we are currently performing and whether we are delivering what matters to tenants. This is our current assessment of how we are doing. Let us know what you think; if you have any comments or questions, or want to request any of the information referred to in the self assessment, please get in touch.

Welsh Government Regulatory Reports
Regulatory Judgement Report - December 2017

Regulatory Opinion - December 2016

Download - Regulatory Opinion - English

Download - Regulatory Opinion - Welsh

Regulatory Assessment - June 2015

Tenant Survey
Stakeholders Survey
We operate in a collaborative environment and the support of stakeholders is critical in all areas of the business. We recently undertook a survey to find out the thoughts of our stakeholders. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and included a number of points for us to think about. To


Download - Stake Holders Survey