Sara Turnbull - Coastal Housing Group

Sara Turnbull

Non-executive Director

A chartered environmentalist, social entrepreneur and an award winning leader in sustainability and delivering social value, Sara leads and shapes social enterprises, charities and other organisations committed to creating a more sustainable world. She has woven together work in architecture and engineering, affordable workspace, venues and events, and community development. As a passionate speaker, consultant and non-executive she is committed to addressing climate change and the wealth gap by delivering work that makes places and organisations better for everyone.

Sara is a work activist & wild advocate who wants to make work work better for everyone. Her debut book with co-author Jeannette Pearce (JP) – Better Off Working Wild: How changing the way we work can make us all better off – offers practical solutions and actions to create a better and more sustainable way to work and live. With this book, Sara and JP hope to create a movement of ‘work activists & wild advocates’ – individuals, teams and organisations who strive to be more human, are connected to the ‘wild’ and are fully engaged in their work.