Low carbon, modular homes arrive at Coed Darcy - Coastal Housing Group

Thanks to a partnership with Jansnel UK and Specific, Coastal is bringing low-carbon, energy-producing, steel-framed modular homes to south Wales for the first time. The two homes being delivered as part of this pilot are entirely off-gas, yet will provide residents with a warm, energy-efficient home that has lower running costs, solar generation and electric vehicle charging points.

Heating is provided by an infra-red heating panel solution, which is well suited to modular construction. This provides comfort and a faster heating response, with energy consumption up to 15% lower than conventional heating systems, and minimal servicing and maintenance requirements.

The modular homes have been supplied by Dutch sustainable modular construction firm Jan Snel, which recently opened a UK office based in Swansea and is developing plans for a factory in the area. Swansea Univerity’s SPECIFIC knowledge centre has supported the design of the low carbon energy systems for the buildings, which follow their Active Buildings ideology.

The combination of steel-framed modular construction and low carbon energy installation delivers a design that is zero-carbon-ready, meeting the proposed Future Homes Standard for 2025 and changes to Part L and F of the Welsh Building Regulations. It promises much for speedy delivery of the UK’s ambitious targets for affordable, sustainable housing, and Jan Snel brings both the experience and credibility to deliver. The homes demonstrate how re-thinking the design of homes will provide more sustainable options for residents, for the planet and for local economies.

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