A new family bakery run by a 17-year-old is enjoying its town centre location in Shufflebotham Lane, Neath.

Rosa’s Bakery is located in one of Coastal Housing’s new commercial properties and offers artisan bakes with a Romanian twist, cooked fresh on site.

The family business was originally hoping to open on the Coed Darcy estate but are delighted with their new location in Neath town centre.

Chris Cundill, Rosa’s dad, said: “This is a new business which had been in planning for quite some time.

“Our head baker – and business owner – Rosa is just 17 but she’s wanted to be a patisserie chef since the tender age of 12!

“We’re really impressed with the amount of footfall down Shufflebotham Lane! The location has allowed us to reach a larger market than we originally expected to reach in Coed Darcy and we have been able to create one extra full-time job as a result.”

Rosa said: “It is great to have people coming in and talking about the food and I am excited about the business and creating new bakes for the future.”

Chris added: “We’re so pleased that the development included planning permission for kitchen extraction as well as the specific electricity supply needed as they have been critical to us being able to establish the bakery at this venue.

“Coastal have been good to us and were very supportive during the fit-out process.”

Georgia Lougher, from Coastal Housing’s Commercial Property Team, said: “We are delighted to welcome Rosa’s Bakery to Neath.

“The business is proving a great addition to Shufflebotham Lane, including providing an outdoor seating area for people to sit and enjoy their bakery goodies.

“This means the commercial premises in the lane are now fully occupied. We wish them all every success.”

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